Superyard is a social enterprise committed to fostering sustainability and empowering communities through the circular economy.

Our goal is to create a thriving ecosystem where businesses grow responsibly, and communities benefit from sustainable construction practices.

New Sustainability Initiative:
Sharing FREE Movie Set Materials With NSW Communities In Need
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Helping Industry Thrive

Superyard connects businesses for efficient material trading, reducing costs and promoting sustainability in construction.

Social Impact

By redistributing surplus materials to charities, Superyard drives significant social benefits within communities.

Advocacy and Education

Superyard educates and empowers businesses on sustainable practices, advocating for the circular economy.

About Super Yard

Where unused construction materials meet community needs and promote sustainability.
  • Our platform facilitates a streamlined connection between businesses, enabling them to find new purposes for surplus assets and reduce environmental impact.
  • This not only supports economic efficiency for businesses but also contributes to community development and promotes educational initiatives for sustainable practices.
  • By redefining how construction resources are managed, Superyard is shaping a more sustainable future for the construction industry.

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How It Works


Sign up and register your company for your free membership.


Upload the materials that you’d like to offer for sale - the more details (text & pictures) the better.


Browse the categories for products that you require for your next project or use the search tool for quick, specific results.


Use the Superyard messaging system to send a message to the vendor or respond to an inquiry.


Finalise the deal with the vendor directly - no commission is charged by Superyard.

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